Difficult Roads | Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations Part 2
Oct 30th 2018 | Posted by Farm Shed Wines & Brew

Difficult Roads | Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations Part 2

Hey There! 

Thanks for following up as I continue to blog about the Farm Shed water story and the "red tape" filled process that Pierce County serves on a silver platter.

Yesterday I had mentioned the five meetings with Pierce County staff that I flew back from California to attend.  I had the opportunity to, let's say reminisce, on these meetings a little more over the last 24 hours.  I want to share some more details about those meeting...

Here is what a meeting application looks like for Pierce County 

This one, looks like it was only $300 as I only met with three employees.  Oh, you thought these meetings were free?

Nope, each meeting ranged in price $300 - $600 depending of course on how many staffers I included.

Also skip down to the the light blue filled box titled Total Cost of Meeting.  Notice the fee credit on the right, this is great if you're applying for permits, but at the the time I was only trying to get my Agritourism land use approved with the inclusion of breweries and wineries.  

Piece of advice: Do your research, know your property WELL.  Really get to know these Pierce County staff members prior to inviting them, especially if you're forking out more $$$ for these meetings. Personally, I had a real nice gentleman named Michael Jimenez in Planning and Land Services ask me if I had a trust fund to complete this project in one of my meetings - that's not the bullshit you need when you're paying them to be there.  

If I am really being honest - take your architect and engineer or lawyer to these meetings, bottom line.  

Moving on, I mentioned the building permit yesterday as well.  Let's expand on that too!

My property is zoned Agricultural Resource Land, which means as far as land uses goes I CANNOT have any commercial land uses.  Let me give you an example of what that would look like, a mobile home park, storage units, grocery stores, warehouses, these are all commercial buildings and uses.

What I can do:

  • Agritourism
  • Agricultural Services
  • Agricultural Supply Sales (10,000 sq feet)
  • Animal Production Boarding & Slaughtering
  • Crop Production 
  • Fish Processing, Hatcheries and Aquaculture
  • Forestry (10,000 sq feet)
  • Single or double family detached housing
  • Mobile home

Yet here is the building permit Pierce County had me apply for:

Funny how that all works.  If I had to pinpoint the problem, it is almost as though Pierce County no longer recognizes agriculture.

Still have not had a final inspection on our new brewery space, in need of water in order to have the plumbing inspected. 

I think I need a glass of wine!

Let's call it a day 



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